At times it takes some extra help to get our lives back on track. I can teach you how to use simple, effective tools so that we can begin to head your life back in the direction you want it to go.  
  • My clients are individuals who know something is not quite right: panic attack sufferers, victims of the winter blues, sometimes just procrastinators, all looking for relief.
  • My clients are students with academic pressures, feeling ungrounded and with less supports than they've had in the past. 
  • My clients are couples and families, trying to get on the same page with each other.  
Collaboratively, we can set goals and problem-solve to make great changes happen in as short a time as possible. 
What changes are you looking to make this year?

Caroline Aller

“Is it normal to be feeling this sad?”
“I’m tired of feeling anxious!”
“Is this what I want to be doing with my life?”

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