Career uncertainties
Financial/economic stress
Relationship conflicts
Work/Family balance
Blended family issues
Parenting skills

Personal Growth: Individual Therapy

Therapy should be about change. Where do you want to see yourself in the coming months? Years? What would you like to increase? What are you ready to let go? I draw from Cognitive Therapy (or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) techniques to address issues in people’s lives that are causing confusion, discomfort or pain. Treatment is focused, often short-term and teaches techniques that you can use now to get your life back on track.

Working in Twos: Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is about mutual problem-solving. I work with all couples: gay, straight, unmarried, and married. In addition, I work with any two individuals who are committed to making their bond stronger. Even business partners or close friends can be good candidates for therapy if communication problems and dysfunctional patterns are leaving two people less satisfied with their relationship.

All Together Now: Family Therapy

Families are as unique as the individuals who make them and therefore, so is my family therapy. Rarely will the structure of our sessions look the same week after week. All members will be asked to participate in the process of meeting concrete goals. I work with families to address a variety of concerns.

Flexible evening and weekend hours are available to accommodate family members’ busy schedules.

About Me

I have been in the counseling professions for over fifteen years and have been providing individual, couples, and family psychotherapy for the past eleven years. I received advanced training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from the Beck Institute in Philadelphia. I am a Certified Cognitive Therapist and Diplomat Member of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. I have additional experience counseling within an EAP setting, working with adolescents, as well as individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

I have relationships with a network of complementing providers such as psychiatrists and therapists of other modalities and specializations. I can make referrals for medications or other services as needed.

 413 835 1558